Philip Mendelsohn

Transport Planning Specialist

A bit about Philip

Philip is a Managing Consultant (retired) and transport specialist experienced in a wide range of transport matters including Public Local Inquiry, Parking Management Strategies, Active Travel, the application of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to increase road capacity as well as Road Safety. Philip is enjoying his well-deserved retirement but continues to share his knowledge through ad-hoc involvement in our project portfolio. Aligned with our community investment ethos, Philip is a local community champion through his work with Interfaith and Glasgow communities.

A Civil Engineer and Transport Planner who has worked as a Project Manager level for a number of transport projects latterly providing support to the A9 dualling project.  Philip is well known within the industry for his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things transport related. With over 48 years post graduate experience, Philip has been involved in most Scottish projects at some point in their lifecycle!