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What we offer...

We provide a wide range of project-supporting services with our staff having extensive experience in supporting Community Development and regeneration projects throughout the UK.

Our staff have played pivotal roles in the realisation of ‘art of the possible’ public realm projects through Travel Behaviour design as we face the challenge of adapting to a future of climate resilience.

We have proven experience realising the design and development of multiple high profile Community Development projects including new Community Growth Areas and Brownfield redevelopments. 

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Development Planning

• Transport Assessments

• Scope Negotiation / Development

• Transport Statements

• Layout and  Design Advice

• Parking and Access Statements

• Parking Management

• Loading and Servicing Support

• EIA Transport Chapter 

Walking & Cycling

• Placemaking Design

• Public Realm Design

• Active Travel Network Design

• Creating Places

• Wayfinding Strategies

• Traffic Calming Design

• Pedestrianisation Schemes

• Walking and Wheeling Audits

• LUF / PfE Bid Support

• Loading and Servicing Design / Advice

• Signage Audits

Travel Behaviour Change

• Travel Plans

• Travel Plan Frameworks

• Personalised Travel Planning

• Influencing Travel Behaviour Change

Project Delivery

• Programme and Project Coordination Services

• Programme Management

Cost Management & Funding Bids

• Bill of Quantities,

• Cost Estimation,

• Bid support (LUF, Sustrans PfE)

• Transport Efficiency Economics (TEE)


Statutory Processes

• Minutes of Agreements

• Letters of Undertaking

• Construction Management Plans

• Traffic Regulatory Orders (TROs)

• General Planning Support

• STAG / Value for Money Assessment

Consultation & Engagement

• Stakeholder Consultation 

• Public Engagement

• Virtual Consultation

Quality & Certification

• BREEAM Assessments

• Quality Audits and Design Excellence

• AI Calculations

• Active Score Active Travel Assessment