Telling it Like it is! Civil Engineering Career Cafe’

We are at it again!  This time we had the opportunity to meet with 15 S5/S6 students of St Mungo’s High School to explore the reality of career in Civil Engineering / Transport Planning through a career Cafe’ event.

We continue to invest our most precious of asset of time in our local communities and share our experience of the work place and the opportunities ahead.

It is so important that our kids look up from their phones and see the world of opportunities in front of them.  ‘Bringing to life’ a career can inspire and motivate and the more they see and learn about, the wider their understanding becomes.

Really enjoyable session with a very engaged audience. Plenty of questions around career path, modern apprenticeships v.s. university direct the importance of gaining workplace experience to help stand out!

Well done to everyone that came along and a big thanks to St Mungos for taking the initiative to invite us!



Mark Rinkus

Mark Rinkus

Mark Rinkus

Managing Director

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