Findhorn EcoVillage Transport and Access Workshop

Following our Community Consultation weekend held with our architect colleagues we recognised that Transport and Access remain key subjects for further discussion.  We arranged a community workshop event that was open to around 350 residents of the park to join us after their  Monday evening meeting for a bespoke Transport and Access themed  question and answer session.

Its always a bit daunting planning these type of event as we try to balance the time we have with the subject to be covered, outcomes sought and the varied starting mindset of the public.

In the end we opted for a theatre event combining Zoom call technology a massive 200 inch screen, a fantastic sound system and a live draw event to capture feedback.  Over the course of 2 hours we worked through a host of questions debating what is important to support the sustainable growth of the Ecovillage, reducing car dependency and protecting the environment.  Whilst we didn’t all agree on all points, we did work together to agree some of the basic principles of what would and wouldn’t be acceptable.

A great evening within the spectacular setting of Universal Hall that worked out very well…that’s what we were told anyway!  Thank you Findhorn Ecovillage!




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Mark Rinkus

Managing Director

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