Community Contribution – Laptops for Larbert High School

As we continue to work with LHS, we learned of the fantastic efforts the teachers are making, well above and beyond the job description.   The stories were enough to bring a tear to our eye!

We need to do more as a community to support and develop our future generations and close the poverty gap.  There are many methods that will contribute to achieving this outcome.  We were shocked to learn that no businesses have offered to support the local school (biggest in Europe).

So we have stepped in and are determined to make a difference!

So a small start but a worthy cause.  Our laptop donation just before Christmas was aimed at achieving a specific outcome.  We can’t go into the details of the specific case but we look forward to hearing of the difference our donation has made.

If you wish to get involved in  contributing to our communities, do get in touch!

Even the smallest of inputs often has a massive output!

Mark Rinkus

Mark Rinkus

Mark Rinkus

Managing Director

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