WEMYSS Bay Holiday Park Extension


Pennine Leisure


Concept Design / Road Safety


Wemyss Bay, Scotland

Planning Authority

Inverclyde Council

Services Provided

Development Planning

Statutory Process

Study Description

Following planning approval to extend the holiday park, planning conditions required the investigation and development of a secondary road access solution using a privately owned single track which crossed both a rail line and a stream via a dilapidated stone arch bridge. Services included the development of concept design to improve the track to meet the safety requirements of a secondary access into the park.
We appointed an engineering subconsultant to undertake a bridge condition survey which identified the most cost-effective bridge improvement option which was built into our concept design.

Our Approach

Using third party data collection partner, we obtained topographical survey of the track and developed a concept layout which would minimise the earthworks required to achieve critical width. Recognising the challenges of the project we collaborated with specialists who through experience we appreciated the scope, scale and process required. Our selection of specialist suppliers offered maximum Value for Money in setting out the challenges and developing a group effort solution.

Key Successes

• Cross organisational team.
• Value for Money approach and overall programme delivery.
• Maintaining client contact through voluntary monthly calls.
• Outcome focused approach sub consulting specialist support to benefit the study.