Tollcross Mansion House


Spectrum Properties


Masterplanning / Development Planning


Glasgow, Scotland

Planning Authority

Glasgow City Council

Services Provided

Active Travel

Statutory Process

Travel Behaviour Change

Cost Management

Study Description

Following their purchase of the mansion house, Spectrum Properties sought to convert the former elderly care facility into private flats. The house is located within Tollcross Park, a popular green space area criss-crossed by publicly accessible paths. To support the developments planning application, we were commissioned to prepare a supporting Transport Statement with specific consideration to the management of the house’s private driveway which is also part of the areas core path network.

Our Approach

We provided a short list of possible management options that examined concepts from barrier control to unrestricted access. We agreed a best-case scenario with the client and prepared a proportionate Statement to support the developments ambitions.

Key Successes

• Rapid turnaround.
• Outcome focused solution.
• Proportionate Statement that focused on the accessibility issues.