New St Stephens Primary School / Community Hub


East Dunbartonshire Council


Masterplanning / Development Planning / Active Travel


Coatbridge, Scotland

Planning Authority

Dundee Council

Services Provided

Active Travel

Statutory Process

Travel Behaviour Change

Cost Management

Study Description

As part of the council’s school upgrade programme, the replacement St Stephens Primary would be developed as a tandem build constructed within the grounds of the existing school playing fields. We were commissioned to prepare a Transport Statement & Framework Staff Travel Plan in respect of a Detailed Planning Application for development. Our services extended to include a Safer Routes to School assessment, parking survey, PUDO design and input into a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP).

Our Approach

Working in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary, multi-organisation design team including engineers and landscape architects, we proactively sought to identify the barriers to sustainable design identifying access and operational constraints very early in the design process. We took the lead in evaluating potential footway/cycleway routes to agree a deliverable route and supporting design standard and supported the team through early conversations relating to parking requirements. We worked with the council to agree current and future staffing and utilised a bespoke Hands Up Survey of school children to estimate future walking and cycling potential.

Key Successes

• Efficient and proactive support with advice offered ahead of team support requests.
• Seamless working with a multi-specialist design team to realise the client’s ambitions.
• Examination of off-site potential network improvements to support Active Travel.
• Working with school head teacher to ‘dig-deep’ into existing transport challenges.
• Developed a phased delivery plan within a very challenging site.