Papple Steading Heritage Centre and Accommodation


Papple Steading


Development Planning


Papple, Scotland

Planning Authority

East Lothian Council

Services Provided

Development Planning

Active Travel

Statutory Process

Study Description

Located in rural agricultural East Lothian, Papple Steading is accessed via a network for rural narrow roads consisting of challenging horizontal and vertical topography. The proposed new development would provide a significant asset to the area but raise a number of access challenges.
Through continued growth and renovation project, Papple Steading Phase 2 development sought to renovate the farm steading to provide a 150-seater exhibition / conference facility, 10 holiday cottages, museum, café and bar within rural Midlothian. Services included preparation of Transport Statement, Travel Plan and access advice.

Our Approach

Picking up on the study started by another consultant and close working with the Project Manager, Architect and Structural Engineer for a co-ordinated design team input, we engaged collaboratively with ELC roads and transport team to understand the history relating to the application before accepting the study. We recognised that the use of standard assessment approaches would not be appropriate given the developments unique operation and rural context. Our chosen approach was based on ‘first principles’ and developed to provide a full impact appraisal. We worked with the engineering team to investigate and mitigate off-site road alignments to support access by larger vehicles and developed solutions to maintain appropriate Stopping Sight Distances (SSDs). As the programme was under stress, we developed the outputs within 2 days post commission with agreement in principle secured within 2 weeks of appointment.

Key Successes

• Comprehensive Transport Statement developed into Transport Assessment reflecting outcome drive approach.
• Close working with the Project Manager to coordinate design team inputs.
• Delivery within an ambition programme.
• Innovative ‘art of the possible’ approach to access arrangement to provide deliverable access solution within constrained local rural road network.
• Advice and direction to the design team to value add to client.