Loch Long Holiday Village


Private Landowner


Masterplanning / Development Planning


Arrochar, Scotland

Planning Authority

Argyll and Bute Council

Services Provided

Active Travel

Statutory Process

Travel Behaviour Change

Cost Management

Study Description

The former torpedo factory located on the shore of Loch Long, Arrochar offers fantastic views across loch Long. The site is sandwiched between the A85 trunk road and loch itself.
Our client identified an opportunity to develop the former MOD site to provide a multi-use recreational holiday village providing holiday lodges, villas, camping space and associated welfare facilities, community hub including boat chandlery and a water sports centre.
We were commissioned to provide transport planning support informing the proposed access strategy and information to support a planning application.

Our Approach

As the site is located within the Loch Lomond National Park the LLNTP authority provides a lead planning role. The A85(T) is the responsibility of Transport Scotland with the local roads the responsibility of Argyll and Bute Council. We utilised a previous extant planning application to assess early access challenges with the proposed masterplan and undertaken scoping conversations with the relevant authorities. We provided access advise that would minimise capital outlay and ‘speed up’ the overall application process. We produced a Transport Assessment utilised ‘first principles’ to calculate development trip generation potential noting the bespoke nature of the development content.

Key Successes

• ‘Art of the possible’ options identified within a challenging environment, we identified a deliverable concept active travel route connection between the site and Arrochar.
• Working with a multi-specialist design team to realise the client’s ambitions.
• Developed a deliverable and cost positive access strategy that minimised works to the A85(T) trunk road, minimising capital investment costs and accelerating the overall approval process.