Langlands Community Growth Area_1,200 Houses


McTaggarts Construction


Development Planning / Road Safety


East Kilbride, Scotland

Planning Authority

South Lanarkshire Council

Services Provided

Development Planning

Active Travel

Statutory Process

Travel Behaviour Change

Study Description

The proposed development of 1,100 residential homes included 250 social rent and local business retail. The development site is located on the southern periphery of Greenhills Community where due to its remoteness, most community services will only be accessibly by driving.
Services required included the preparation of a Transport Assessment, Travel Plan Framework, Infrastructure Mitigation Strategy, Walk to School Network Assessment, Crossing Assessments, Road Safety Audits, Access Strategy, preparation of concept access layouts and working with other stakeholders to develop a Public Transport Strategy (PTS).

Our Approach

Working with South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) we sought to agree an assessment approach that minimised data collection and maximise use of data already available. We considered the use of an existing area wide micro-simulation traffic model as suitable basis for assessment. We worked with SLC to identify the extent of the developments impact then through appraisal of the local road network we agreed a Public Transport Strategy (PTS) and development mitigation plan which would consider the developments educational, roads and safety impacts.

Key Successes

• Value for Money approach as we absorbed scope variation to minimise programme disruption to our client.
• Large scale network assessment.
• Network appraisal of walking and cycling connectivity including linking of the development site to existing and aspirations walking and cycling routes on all development frontages.