Hillington Park Staff Travel Plan


Frasers Property


Behaviour Change / Active Travel


Glasgow, Scotland

Planning Authority

Renfrewshire Council

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Active Travel

Statutory Process

Travel Behaviour Change

Cost Management


Study Description

Supporting our client’s sustainability ambitions for one of the largest mixed use retail parks in Scotland, we were appointed to develop a Park Staff Travel Survey and Staff Travel Plan. The Travel Plan would incorporate the staff survey results and provide a benchmark of staff travel behaviours. This would then allow future comparison of changes and trends in travel mode use for one of Scotland’s largest employment centres. The Plan would also facilitate future negotiating with key stakeholders’ regarding supporting future investment into the park, in particular to encourage walking and cycling to work.

Our Approach

The travel survey was developed from first principles informed by our previous survey experience. A key study challenge was the administering of the survey as the Park has over 6,500 staff and multiple businesses providing a wide range of industry and office services.
We worked with our client’s team, utilising their park contact database in combination with our clients marketing and communications team to market the study. The resulting survey achieved a 9% validated survey response and provided insight into travel behaviour trends which aligns favourably with a typical survey response of between 5% and 15%.

Key Successes

• Bespoke staff survey developed using best practice and cross reference with other surveys.
• Collaboration with the client team to coordinate resources to achieve outcomes.
• Face to face engagement with the Park staff and businesses to promote and encourage survey participation.
• Use of digital survey platform, prize incentives for participation and QR codes within a pre-planned marketing and engagement campaign.