Findhorn Eco-Village_Local Plan Masterplan Support


Findhorn Foundation


Masterplanning / Development Planning / Active Travel


Findhorn, Scotland

Planning Authority

Moray Council

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Active Travel

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Study Description

The Findhorn Eco-Village was seeking to develop a future expansion strategy and had employed an architect to lead a masterplanning team with the ambition of making representation to the Moray Local Development Plan (MLDP). Commissioned as part of the multi specialist team, we played a significant role working with the park to develop their brief that was ultimately delivered in 3 stages.

• Stage 1 – MLDP support examining the parks expansion ambitions and advising on transport and access, the movement of people to place and future network resilience.
• Stage 2 – Examination and consideration of solutions to everyday park issues including communal EV charging provision, parking strategy, transport and access strategy and supporting data collection.
• Stage 3 – Examination of options to improve overall sustainable travel links into the park.

Our Approach

Architect lead, we supported the process through community engagement and consultation. We provided ideas to the masterplan process and understanding the parks community governance procedure, promoted a park wide transport and access workshop to encourage community participation in the emerging strategy. Following stage 1, we worked with our client and steering group to refine and develop our brief to maximise the value of our outputs ensuring our advice was appropriate, deliverable and affordable.

Key Successes

• Understanding the park governance procedure and the role of the many groups and sub groups that form the parks governance system.
• ‘Art of the possible’ options identified within an eco-sensitive / innovative environment.
• Working with a multi-specialist design team to realise the client’s ambitions.
• Park wide Transport & Access workshop held as a theatre style live draw to maximise audience interaction.
• Proportionate approach to options appraisal keeping the client at the centre of the decision making and incorporating the parks unique governance process into our process / approach.