Broomhill Wood Wind Turbine


Private Client


Masterplanning / Development Planning


Balloch, Scotland

Planning Authority

West Dunbartonshire Council

Services Provided

Active Travel

Statutory Process

Travel Behaviour Change

Cost Management

Study Description

Our client owns woodland to the north of the community of Broomhill. The site is accessed via a cul-de-sac within an established residential estate consisting of housing roads, footway and with many vehicles parked on-street. The development proposal required the transportation of a 43m wind turbine, portal shed and ancillary turbine equipment including substation. The component parts would be transported via the A83 then through the local road network, including the residential estate before finally reaching the development site. Our client required preparation of Route Haul Traffic Management Plan to demonstrate the likely impact of transporting the component parts. We prepared an assessment of the route haul route using computer simulation and provided a supporting report. As the development application was already lodged with the council, rapid preparation of the assessment was a client priority.

Our Approach

Working with our engineering support, we undertook a site visit to review the proposed route noting any challenges on both the vertical and horizontal aspects. We investigated the turbine model and obtained the data specification which provided the turbines transport dimensions. We undertook the route assessment using OS mapping purchased for the locations we identified that we thought could be challenging. We provided accelerated reporting to align with the client’s programme expectations.

Key Successes

• Our initial route appraisal helped identify key locations where the turbine parts may be challenged. Using this approach allowed us to save the client money by only paying for the mapping for these locations.
• Working with a multi-specialist design team to realise the client’s ambitions.
• Securing planning consent within the client required delivery programme.
• Accelerated delivery to meet programme requirements.