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Arran, Scotland

Planning Authority

North Ayrshire Council

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Development Planning

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Statutory Process

Study Description

As an example of a ‘no job is too small’ project and reflects our dynamic approach to achieving client results. The planning application issued in support of a bespoke ‘grand design’ property was refused due to concerns relating to loss of communal parking in the area and maintenance concerns relating to upkeep of the private driveway from which access would be taken. We provided post application support to address both conditions and support a positive planning outcome.

Our Approach

We worked with the architect to understand the planning issues before instructing 2 sub-consultant specialists to assist in the access solution. Taking the time to understand the history associated with the application site was key to understanding the basis for the planning objections. We worked with NAC to agree the approach required to resolve the issues and the parameters required within the assessment. We undertook research into the heating fuel delivery vehicles used on the island and used these vehicle types within our tracking analysis to achieve a deliverable solution.

Key Successes

• Logistical and method drive approach to issue resolution.
• Outcome focused approach sub consulting specialist support to benefit the study.
• Collaboration to agree approach
• Fees based on ‘menu of parts’ providing cost certainty and service flexibility to the client.
• Proactive approach to issue resolution.