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Thank you for viewing our project material.  Your feedback is critical to the project and will be used to help shape the final design. 

Our survey will take around 3 minutes of your time to complete and is open to anyone. The survey is anonymous and no personal data that can be used to identify you is required.

About This Survey

Following on from the results of Jura’s 2019 Community Action Plan (CAP). The proposal to provide a shared walking, cycling and wheeling route between Craighouse Village (the distillery pier) to the Corran Sands car park was identified by the community for consideration. With some secured funding from the Scottish Government, we are at the early stages of exploring what could be possible. The proposed route was subject to investigation and received community comment during September 2023 where the community expressed a strong desire for any improvement to focus on the existing road corridor. The design team have considered this feedback and has developed the design in greater detail to produce Do-Something and Do-Minimum options and would like to again receive your views on which is preferred. More details of the project can be found via the following link to the study virtual room (click on Icon 1).

The Purpose Of This Survey

As we continue the design process, we have considered the feedback received by the community during 2023 and developed the design in greater detail. We now wish to again hear the communities’ views to help us shape and choose the right design. Our survey will take 3 minutes of your time to complete and everyone is invited to participate.

Confidentiality Management

The survey is anonymous and no personal data that can be used to identify you is requested.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Your feedback has been submitted and will be considered as part of the next stage of the design process. Should you have any other feedback you wish to share. Please contact us at